One of the most important aspects of church design or renovation is to ensure that the public address system is adequate to the needs of the church. There is an increasing emphasis on good quality sound reproduction, particularly in respect of voice and music. People are used to hearing good quality sound on their televisions and radios and have an expectancy that the same quality will apply in their church.

Grainger Acoustics have very considerable experience of this area of acoustics having designed systems for hundreds of churches throughout Ireland and other locations abroad.

Churches are particularly sensitive spaces. The sound system should blend with the existing architecture yet provide clear and intelligible sound throughout all the congregational areas of the church. The sound system must also integrate with Audio visual systems, Induction Loop or Infra-red hearing assistive systems.

Meeting with the client to assess the requirements is an essential part of the process. The emphasis will always be on the end user and their requirements combined with simplicity of use. In this regard third party instructions are not accepted. It is always a requirement to meet with the end user.
Liaison with architects and M&E engineers will be provided so that the integration of the system into the building or space will be efficient and productive.

Grainger Acoustics can provide design solutions for all sizes and layouts of a church, cathedral or other religious space. Utilising up to date information from the major loudspeaker and equipment manufacturers a design solution suitable for the particular location will be presented. Modern software and design techniques are used to predict the acoustic parameters of a particular space at design stage.

Where the building already exists assessment takes the form of acoustic parameter measurement in the particular space prior to renovation.