Noise at work assessments are carried out for many clients. Protection from harmful sources of noise is essential in some places of work. It is a legal requirement for an employer to assess whether or not their employees are exposed to excessive noise during the course of their work. If the noise is found to be excessive, employers are legally bound to eliminate (where possible) or reduce the noise exposure risks applicable to their employees.

Some types of industry are obviously noisy such as heavy engineering works, wood working industries and some works associated with building and construction. Less obvious, but equally harmful are night clubs, orchestras and bands which are also subject to noise at work standards of safety. Patrons of night clubs or other places of entertainment have a choice as to whether to attend that particular venue or not. Staff have no choice and consequently must be provided with an adequate level of protection.

Grainger Acoustics provide Workplace noise assessments and in the case of music venues frequently find that that reduction in sound levels designed to reduce the noise exposure of employees will also have a beneficial effect in respect of noise breakout from the premises. Assessment of the noise will often involve an examination of the Sound system and advice can be offered in respect of electronic methods of noise reduction which can be inserted into the signal chain to control noise exposure and potential breakout.