Industrial and commercial development can often introduce a source of noise into an area which has hitherto enjoyed a low level of noise. Equally a housing development can be proposed in a location which is close to sources of Industrial noise. Industrial development is necessary and can provide much needed employment in an area. However the noise requirements will need thorough examination so that adverse effects are minimised.

Grainger Acoustics will look carefully at any proposed development and suggest methods of mitigation which will help maintain the existing noise climate. This may involve examination of the proposed layout or orientation of the development or specific mitigation measures which will reduce significant sources of noise to acceptable standards.

All industrial noise assessment is carried out in accordance with the relevant standard, BS4142 in the case of industrial noise, BS5228 in respect of construction noise. Where the development is a residential proposal the examination and assessment will look at BS8233 or indeed a combination of all of the standards to achieve a satisfactory noise climate.

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