The standard required for acoustics in schools is provided in Building Bulletin 93. This document sets out the acoustic standards in respect of noise levels between teaching spaces and other non-teaching spaces. It also describes the requirement in respect of reverberation time to be achieved in the various spaces in the school.

There is growing emphasis on the provision of good acoustic conditions in schools. Good acoustics reduce the strain on a teacher’s voice, assist students to hear clearly and minimise the impact of external noise on the classroom.

Grainger acoustics can provide design information in each of the above categories, ensuring that noise from external sources is minimised, noise transfer between teaching spaces is minimised and the reverberation time is no more than that required by the regulations. Where classrooms require acoustic treatment to improve the internal acoustic parameters measurement of the existing conditions will be necessary and a design based on those parameters will be provided which will improve the acoustic conditions within that space.

In the case of new build classrooms or schools pre-completion testing is becoming more and more prevalent. Grainger Acoustics carry out pre-completion testing and provide a test report of the acoustic conditions in the completed classroom.